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"When I found myself in an impossible financial situation, I consulted with two different lawyers who gave me bad advice, told me I did not qualify for Chapter 7, and tried to sell me Chapter 13. I then came to see Mr. Rasmussen who spent the time to properly analyze my situation more carefully, and he successfully qualified me to file Chapter 7. My debts are now discharged, and my situation is no longer impossible."

"To be honest, Mr. Rasmussen's fees for my bankruptcy were higher than quoted by other attorneys. In the end, however, I was happy that I paid extra. He handled my bankruptcy personally, spending almost two hours at the initial conference, and then preparing my paperwork, and then appearing with me at the hearing. I did not have to deal with an associate or paralegal, although his staff was super helpful. All in all, a great operation."

"Almost all my friends have been through divorces and almost none of my friends were happy with the outcome. Mr. Rasmussen made sure that he was part of the solution rather than part of the problem. My ex and I remain friends today because of him."

"Mr. Rasmussen was recommended to me as an expert on both divorce and bankruptcy. My (now ex) wife and I needed to deal with both these issues as our marriage came to an end. I imagine lots of other couples need to deal with their debts as they dissolve their marriage, and Russ is the man to help them do so."

"Russ Rasmussen helped get me through the most difficult time of my life, when my mother died unexpectantly, and I was faced with the probate of her estate. 'Thanks' to him and his office."

"I retained Russ because he spoke to me clearly and directly without any legalese or other finesse. He gave me answers rather than excuses. He always took my telephone calls, and he was always available within 24 hours whenever I needed to speak or meet with him. I could not be happier with his representation."

"I deal with lawyers every day at my job, and I thus know hundreds of lawyers professionally. Russ is one of the few lawyers who I find to be both professionally competent and personally empathetic. He got me through a very tough family situation, and I recommend him without qualification."